500 Million Dollars Loan from the World Bank for Turkish SMEs

In a statement from the Bank, the World Bank's Board of Executive Managers reported that Turkey Emergency Supplement Company approved a loan of $ 500 million will be provided for the Project.

In the statement, it was noted that the kalam project aims to provide access to finance for SMEs economically affected by the Kovid-19 epidemic or trying to adapt to the epidemic conditions.

World Bank Turkey Country Manager Augusta said in a statement Kouame of the issues, the World Bank Cluster, Kovid-19 outbreak of the economy, companies and supporting client countries to mitigate effects of on workers as tracked approach to the key elements of the face of the outbreak of the economies of countries still configuring businesses in a sustainable manner He talked about enabling them to grow and create jobs.

Kouame, in this framework to support viable companies in the case of the World Bank and contribute to employment protection with ambitions of Turkey said that working with other stakeholders.

Turkey Emergency Company Supplements reflection of shocks experienced by the Project as a critical component of the containment and recovery effort control, Kovid-19 to support companies in the state live affected heavily the outbreak financing will be provided.

Two scope of the project will be implemented through public banks, Vakıfbank 250 million dollar price to be disbursed directly to the appropriate SME credit limits and commercial banks under a wholesale structure, leasing companies, factoring companies to the Turkey Investment and Development Bank to be disbursed 250 million A credit line will be created in the dollar amount. - News7

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