President Erdoğan Announced the 'Good News'


Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Ankara Sincan did the previous $ 400 million with a capital investment by Galleon Holding is Turkey's first domestic solar panel at the opening of the gospel will give a description of the factory on Friday.

Highlights of Erdogan's statements

I greet you, members of the Ministry of Power and Natural Resources, expensive guests, members of the press.

Today, I share with you the muste, which has historical value for our country.

As it is known, energy has value for the establishment of national independence, the basic element of development.

The realization of the visions of countries is linked to the power segment.

For the control and security of the oil and gas fields, a wild system has been established in which the lives of millions of people are ignored.

This system still prevails.

While we were going to the places of the sinless, someone turned directly to the oil production facilities. The exact situation has also happened in Libya.

This sharing is behind all the games played in the Eastern Mediterranean.

We did not change our priority, we said right, law, justice, human.

Tomorrow, precedent doors will open to us in other places.

Of course, we have not come easy these days.

We have been searching for oil by leasing for many years. At the end of hundreds of millions of dollars of search activities, we did not receive anything but 3-5 pages of reports.

Presumably they actually searched but could not find it.

As a result, we saw that we could not proceed in this way, we decided that such studies should be carried out through national institutions, not that much hiring.

As a result, we saw that we would not work in this way, we decided that such studies should be carried out through national institutions, not that much hiring.

We determined our national power and our mining policy in 2017. At that time Berat Albayrak and Fatih Dönmez implemented this policy decisively.

We have become one of the pioneers of the world with the ship Fatih and Yavuz, which made us feel the joy of today.

Drilling vessels are working with our own workers altogether.

The cost of our drilling works with the ships we bring our country is low, we are not dependent on foreign countries.

Turkey made the biggest natural gas discovery in the history of your Black Sea.

Our Fatih drill ship has discovered 20 billion cubic meters of natural gas reserves in the Danube 1 blackmail, which it started on July 320.

I remember the day I saw him off at the throat, and with that farewell, we reached exploration.

Our Fatih drill ship made us all proud with a success worthy of its name.

Engineering work in this area, previously named Tuna-1, has been completed. And it showed that it is a continuation of the new natural gas discovery.

We will offer Black Sea gas to the service of the nation in 2023.


Natural gas consumption in our country varies over the years.

Natural gas consumption measures by years:

2019 natural gas consumption measure:

46 billion 835 million 429 thousand cubic meters.

2018 natural gas consumption measure:

50 billion cubic meters.

2017 natural gas consumption measure:

53 billion 857 million 136 thousand cubic meters.

2016 natural gas consumption measure:

49.5 billion cubic meters.

2015 natural gas consumption measure:

47.9 billion cubic meters.

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