Chinese Firm Kandi Enters America Electric Vehicle Market

kandi electric car
kandi electric car

Chinese Company Kandi Enters the American Electric Vehicle Market: Chinese electric car and spare parts manufacturer Kandi is offering two new electric models for sale in the United States. The company, which will show up in the United States with two highly economical electric models, even started to be traded on the stock exchange by establishing the Kandi American company in the country. The stocks that started trading at 3 USD are currently traded around 7 USD.

Kandi America will be selling two electric models towards the end of 2020. High demand is expected for vehicles that will only be sold in Texas first.

Kandi K27 Model

The price of the K20 model, which can cover 160 kilometers with a 27 kWh battery, is determined as 20 thousand 500 dollars. With the incentive of $ 7 for electric cars, the price of the vehicle drops below $ 500. Although it has a short range, it can be preferred with its price and being suitable for city use. Here are Kandi K13 features:

  • Motor: Electric Motor (AC) - TZ180XS-EP04515
  • Power: 20 KW
  • RPM: 3500/7000
  • Range: 100 Miles
  • Azami Speed: 63 MPH
  • Driving Front (FWD)
  • Length: 136.22 ”
  • Width: 57.87 ”
  • Height: 63.58 ”
  • Drum Type: 17.69 kWh Lithium
  • Charging Time (240V / 16A): 7 hours
  • Brake: ABS
  • Tire: 165 / 65 R14
  • Number of Passengers: 4
  • Display: 9 ”Touch Screen in the Middle

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Kandi K23 Model - SUV

The larger K23 is in the form of a small SUV. The vehicle, which reaches a range of 41.4 kilometers with its 290 kWh battery, is 30 thousand dollars, excluding incentives. Together with the incentive change depending on the states, these vehicles will find buyers for less than $ 22! Here are the features of the Kandi K500 in the SUV type:

  • Motor: Electric Motor (AC) - YS220H020
  • Power: 21 KW
  • Cycle: 3500/7000
  • Range: 188 Miles
  • Azami Speed: 70 MPH
  • Driving: Front (FWD)
  • Length: 156.4 ”
  • Width: 64.5 ”
  • Height: 63.9 ”
  • Battery: 41.4 kWh Ternary Lithium
  • Charging Time (240V / 32A): 7.5 Hours
  • Brake: ABS
  • Tire: 175/65 R14
  • Capacity: 4 Passengers
  • Display: 10 ”Center Touch Screen

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