China Research and Oceanography Training Ship in Service

Named after Sun Yat-sen University, the largest Chinese oceanographic research and training vessel entered service in Shanghai on Friday, August 28.

The ship separated from the Jiangyan shipyard group owned by China State Shipbuilding Limited.

The ship, which is 114,3 meters long and 19,4 meters wide, has the capacity to sail all over the world seas. AzamThe ship, capable of a 16 knot trial speed, has a range of 15.000 nautical miles. This ability will enable him to perform 60-day voyages with a crew of 100 people.

Wy Gang, chief of the designing team, said that research and training ships have the world's most comprehensive travel, strongest scientific capacity and the same zamannounced that it is now the ship with the most innovative design in China.

The ship in question can actually be described as a kind of "large laboratory swimming in the sea". Zhang Wenlong, chief engineer of the construction process, explains that the ship can accommodate more than 760 portable container-laboratories, apart from the existing 10 square meter laboratory.

On the other hand, there is a platform on the deck where helicopters and drones can take off and land. This, in turn, increases the ship's carrying capability and efficiency, as well as expands the scope of observation for scientific research.

Moreover, the advanced research equipment inside allows scientists to process and test the obtained samples and data on board and instantly. The construction project of the ship was started on 28 October 2019 and will be completed in the first half of 2021 and delivered to the relevant university.

Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou conducts research in the South China Sea. The first Chinese scientific research conducted in the Xisha Islands in 1928 was also carried out by these university researchers.

Chen dake, a scientist from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said during the ceremony, “We humans know the oceans less than space; The reason for this is our lack of reconnaissance equipment and talent in this area, ”he said.“ The ship that will now go into service will therefore fill this gap in the exploration, recognition and protection of the oceans and will play an important role in this field ”. - Hibya

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