Chevrolet Recalls 2020 Corvette Models

For a while, faced with the problem of self-opening of the front tailgate of 2020 model Corvettes Chevroletstarted to recall the affected vehicles.

General Motors spokesperson Daniel Flores told Motor1 that this problem affected 6661 2020 Corvettes. For this reason, the brand has now stopped sales and started to repair vehicles.


Vehicle owners will be secured with the next update. The system that will detect the opening of the front trunk,zami will limit its speed to 42 km / h. The firm believes this can prevent serious accidents.

According to the report of General Motors, users ignore the visual and audio warnings that indicate that the front trunk is open. For this reason, the panel can be opened at high speeds and the driver's vision is completely lost.

The next online update is the same zamIt will also prevent the vehicle key from "accidentally opening the front trunk". Likewise, the keys to open the front trunk in the vehicle will need to be pressed for longer periods.

Source: motor1 Turkey

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