How Should Glass Panels Be Labeled?

Labeling systems that vary according to sectoral needs and product features vary. It is a known fact that care must be taken in the labeling of fragile and sensitive products such as the glass industry.


An international glass company based in Germany has overcome many challenges using Print & Apply System from Novexx Solutions. Approximately 180.000 labels are affixed to various glass plates every year. There is a special challenge to precisely apply labels to horizontally moving glass plates.

Labels are printed and applied with the NOVEXX Solutions ALX 926 system mounted on the conveyor belt. First, information and a barcode are printed on a label and then applied to the panel. Because precise application is important on products, an LA-TO-BO applicator is used to place labels on glass using compressed air.

The applicator used is an individually selectable part of the Print & Apply System and decides how the label will be applied. Thus, soft applications and labeling are possible on special materials.

Solutions Novexx labeling systems in the world and in Turkey and have carried out a large number of major references in the glass industry continues to provide project services. - Hibya News Agency

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