BMW: Gasoline and Diesel Cars Will Be Valued


The German BMW Cluster shared its strategic steps in electric vehicles and its goals for the coming years in an online press conference with an international affiliate. De Speaking at the meeting, where the BMW cluster responsible spokesperson of the electric vehicle Spokesman Newspaper from Turkey Wieland Bruch, "in 2013, the BMW i3, then ask more i8 SMALL Countryman ongoing PHEV and SMALL Electric in the world in electric car journey we were able to come to the position of leader . Until 2019, we launched 500 thousand electric models, ”he said.


Noting that they aim to increase this number to 2021 million by the end of 1 and to 2030 million by the end of 7, Bruch continued: “In this context, we will have a total of 2023 new electric models on the roads until 25. More than half of both sales and model numbers will be entirely electric vehicles. At the end of this year in Europe, while in the first quarter 2021'n ix3 of BMW will offer for sale in Turkey. In addition, the BMW iNext with a range of 600 kilometers and the BMW i4 with the 4-door Gran Coupe design will meet the roads in the coming years.


"Will electric vehicle prices decrease in the next period?" to the question, “Yes it will. In the upcoming period, the prices of internal combustion (gasoline-diesel) vehicles will increase thanks to strict CO2 (carbon dioxide) emission regulations and environmental pollution purposes. Because their costs will increase. However, with the advances in technology, the price of electric vehicles will decrease. This will make electric vehicles attractive for larger purpose clusters ”.

Classical against giant brands, 'Turkey's Cars Initiative Group (TOGG) we ask for its opinion on the new electric car brand Wieland Bruch prepared to enter the market, "BMW every time open to competition. The new electric vehicle brands are taking an accurate perspective and their number will reach 114 in the near future. However, the vehicles that have emerged so far are in the concept stage. Its production, sales, supply and distribution processes require very important work and organization. There is a high probability of competing with various problems. Their job is very troublesome. Out of these 114 brands, only Tesla and a few Chinese brands seem successful. However, neither we nor other producers see these as a threat. After all, many brands that have been introduced as a concept have not been realized now. As you know more than once, he gave up in the Covid process ”.

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