Bentley Bentayga to Be World's Fastest SUV Model

British luxury car manufacturer  Bentley is investing heavily to rebuild itself as the leading luxurious electric vehicle brand. Learn about the production of five new electric cars by XNUMX.the first SUV model Bentayga's make-up version is getting ready to hit the road in 2021. Compared to the brand, The Speed ​​version, which will be faster than the standard Bentayga, will be the fastest SUV model in the world.

The 6-liter W12 engine of the car will produce 626 horsepower. Thanks to this power, 306 km / hzamThe car, which can reach a speed, will reach a speed of 0 to 100 km / h in 3.9 seconds.

The car uses a 48V electrical system with the make-up and includes the Bentley Dynamic Ride system. In addition, carbon ceramic brakes are offered as an option.

Bentayga will also come with innovations in the exhaust system, due to the change in emission ends.

These technologies will also be found in new systems that reduce the cooling of the cylinder and the catalytic converter to prevent a sudden increase in gas emitted from the exhaust.


Speed ​​will experience changes in its cabin as well as in the standard model. The front console, which houses the 10.9-inch information system, will be renewed and the designs of the air ducts will change. The vehicle, which will have a current HUD, will also have valuable system updates for wireless Apple CarPlay.

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