It is everyone's dream to have a tighter and vigorous appearance free from regional oils and weight. It is also possible to say that there are people who have been doing sports for years and following strict diet programs in order to realize this dream. However, neither getting a firmer body nor getting rid of regional fat is now as difficult as it seems. With EMSLIM, it is now possible to get rid of regional oils and achieve a tight appearance without having to struggle for months or even years.

What is EMSLIM?

EMSLIM is an application that is known to stimulate the muscles intensely and accelerates muscle building with this intense stimulation. The same application as it accelerates muscle building zamIt is also possible to say that it increases fat burning instantly. The electromagnetic field is what makes it possible for the device to emit a large amount of excitation. In other words, with this electromagnetic property of the device, and therefore, to be treated for 30 minutes with the intense energy it releases, is equivalent to pulling 20.000 shuttles. Considering that it is not possible to pull 20 thousand shuttles in half an hour, the effect size of the device in question will be realized. This is the main reason why the device is known as the state-of-the-art device shaping method.

EMSLIM, as stated above, is an application with a high rate of impact. What makes this application so effective is the high density HI - EMT technology inside. HI - EMT technology is a technology that creates supramaximal muscle contraction. So this is the distinguishing feature of this technology. The definition of this distinctive aspect, supramaximal muscle contraction, is as follows: supramaximal muscle contraction is muscle contraction performed independently of the brain. This is the most basic element that ensures that the muscle contraction is not short-term. In other words, it is possible to say that HI -EMT technology makes it possible to keep the muscles constantly tense with the long-term contractions it creates.

Another factor that makes HI - EMT technology so effective is; This technology not only makes it possible for muscles to contract. Same zamIt also supports fat burning. In other words, the mentioned technology has a versatile function. This increases the impact rate of the mentioned technology.

There is another factor that makes EMSLIM different from other existing weight loss applications. This element is related to the cooling system in the device in question. In other words, there is a cooling system in the device where the process is carried out. The main factor that separates the cooling system in this system from other devices is this; The cooling system in other devices is an oil or air assisted cooling system. These systems are quite unhealthy. This is different for EMSLIM. Because the cooling systems in EMSLIM are supported by a quota applicator. These applicators can work for 24 hours.

What are the Benefits of EMSLIM Application?

The underlying process of many body shaping devices or applications is on fat burning. Whereas EMSLIM The situation is not limited to this. EMSLIM application includes fat burning support as well as muscle shaping support for body shaping. This is a condition that makes it possible to get rid of regional fat, that is, regional thinning, and body shaping. So much so that it is possible to understand the effect rate of the process in question with the following numerical data: the fat burning rate of the device is 21% and the rate of increasing muscle mass is around 18%.

In Which Regions is EMSLİM Application Applied?

It is not possible to limit the application area of ​​the EMSLIM process to any area. However, the transaction regional thinning Its purpose is to say that it is applied to areas such as arms, legs and abdomen.


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