Bayraktar Akıncı TİHA Exceeds 30 Thousand Feet!

Bayraktar AKINCI TİHA (Attack Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), developed by BAYKAR with domestic and national means under the leadership of the Defense Industry Directorate, has passed another critical threshold. Bayraktar AKINCI TİHA's first prototype, named PT-1, successfully completed the High Altitude System Identification Test conducted at Bayraktar AKINCI Flight Training Center located in Çorlu Airport Command.

High Altitude Identification Test Passed

Bayraktar AKINCI TİHA PT-1 took off at 06.16 as part of the High Altitude System Identification Test after the preparations that started the night. The flight, which was conducted under the direction of Baykar Technical Manager Selçuk Bayraktar and passed an altitude of 30 thousand feet (approximately 9.15 km), lasted 3 hours and 22 minutes. Bayraktar Akıncı TİHA successfully landed at 09.38 after the tests carried out in the sky. Bayraktar AKINCI TİHA thus achieved its fifth successful flight in the tests that continued with two prototypes.

Selçuk Bayraktar: "We are at 30 thousand feet altitude"

Baykar Technical Manager Selçuk Bayraktar, who managed the High Altitude System Identification Test, where Bayraktar AKINCI TİHA's first prototype PT-1 flew, said, “We took off with our Bayraktar AKINCI Prototype 1 unmanned aerial vehicle at around 06.00 in the morning to perform the High Altitude System Identification Test. Our preparations continued from the night on. We are now at 30 thousand feet and we have been at this altitude for about half an hour. We will have some trials at this altitude. We are planning to complete our system identification trials and land at lower altitudes. "Good luck and good luck to our country and nation."

The first flight was made on December 6, 2019

Bayraktar AKINCI TİHA, which made its first flight on December 6, 2019, has so far performed five successful flight tests with two prototypes. Within the scope of the project, Bayraktar AKINCI TİHA is aimed to be delivered by the end of the year.

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