Minister Kasapoğlu's Formula 1 Statement

Minister Kasapoğlu's Formula 1 Statement
Minister Kasapoğlu's Formula 1 Statement

Youth and Sports Minister Dr. Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu this year in connection with Formula 1 race to be held in Istanbul, "Turkey is not claiming to international organizations, is the requested country," he said.

Minister Kasapoğlu was welcomed by Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports Sinan Aksu, Governor Mehmet Makas and the authorities at the airport in Erzincan, where he came to make various visits.

Minister Kasapoğlu, who went to the Ergan Mountain Winter Sports Center and the Winter Sports and High Altitude Camping Training Center with his attendants, told reporters that he was excited to be in Erzincan.

Ministers Kasapoğlu, the potential importance of Erzincan, Turkey and declaring that the precious stone, "Many prominent feature of the Erkan Mountain winter sports facilities and a host of beauty. As the Ministry, we are working on 'how we turn this into an opportunity'. We evaluate the ski slopes here and the opportunities after. Hopefully, we will make this place an important destination in sports tourism, especially in the field of winter sports, with camping facilities and work on the altitude camp. We are giving a start today about this. " he spoke.

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, under the leadership of Minister Kasapoğlu explaining that serious steps in every area save for 18 years, one of them from the sport, the sport was reminded that tesisleşme and infrastructure.

"We will organize other organizations with Formula 1 in the best way possible"

Kasapoğlu Minister, stated that Turkey 's excellent facilities all over, in every area of ​​the country can achieve both national and international organizations stressed.

Turkey's so much better quality than many developed countries can achieve with this type of organization and the hospitality of the Turkish people telling Kasapoğlu, "Turkey is a country that is not claimed that the demand for international organizations. In this too, we are grateful and grateful to our dear President. I hope we will carry out the next process in the best way possible with Formula 1 and other organizations ”.

Drawing attention to the importance of Istanbul, Minister Kasapoğlu continued his words as follows: “Istanbul is a distinguished and important city where our President has shed a sweat since the mayor, has invested in neighborhoods, neighborhoods and neighborhoods, and we are now rapidly continuing them, the capital of the world. . For this reason, Istanbul will organize Formula 1 in the most beautiful way as it has hosted other organizations and other automobile races so far. This year, some organizations have been delayed and postponed due to the pandemic, but in the upcoming period, we will continue our march to the summit by raising champions in every field and branch, both our claim with the organizations and our claim in sports. "

Minister Kasapoğlu also used the following statements after a journalist asked his assessment of the pandemic process and the effect of positive Kovid-19 tests on the players of some teams on the start of leagues:

“Our Football Federation coordinates these issues very well. For example, as the planning of the last season and the organization of the next matches were carried out with the coordination of the relevant units, these important issues will be carried out in the next process. We hope that we will overcome this epidemic process as soon as possible as humanity. For this, each of us takes precautions.zamI obey and I hope it will be possible to catch that excitement with sports and the audience. "

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