Azoomee Helps Many Families

Having purchased Da Vinci TV, watched by 47 million children, in January, it has become the world's largest library of educational games and videos for children aged 4-8. azoomeeFounding Partner of Estelle lloydexplained how you can benefit from Azoomee as a complement to regular education.

"Children need to understand the world around them, gain flexibility and variety."

Estelle Lloyd, who developed Azoomee inspired by her daughters to not allow them to watch YouTube for hours; Stating that the digital world is now indispensable for the education, training and development of children, he said;

“As a mother, I wanted to both help my kids access online resources and 'keep them away from unsafe content'. Also, I knew they would be exposed to too much advertising and malicious communication. Japanese "Safe area" that means Azoomee (azumi), it provides the kids with exactly that related benefit. It offers fun learning for children and confidence in parents.

The games and videos in the Azoomee application must contain learning elements and diversity. In this context, our biggest critics were my daughters. They are very helpful in selecting and testing ingredients. We're looking for programs that explore what it really feels like to be a child, like 'first day at school' or 'joining a new baby in the family'.

Define the target more clearly and broadly; building trust and developing independence. To enable children to understand the world around them and other cultures, and to gain flexibility and diversity. According to Azoomee philosophy, this is a cultural accumulation, equipment and infrastructure diversity. "

"I am not in favor of homeschooling."

Estelle Lloyd, who sees Azoomee as a "complement" to regular education, “Not just watching videos all day. Videos must be educational and contain games. Also, social interaction is essential for proper education. Children learn many things from other children. The house is a cocoon… A very comfortable cocoon. But it's never a school. These are two different ecosystems. They need to be together in harmony, supporting each other. What Azoomee is doing is supporting this structure; offering a kind of complementary learning experience at home or wherever you want. ” said.

London based with over 20 million subscribers and over 150 digital educational games for kids azoomeeMade an ambitious market access to Turkey in January 2020. Mobile games; From mathematics to coding, creativity, problem solving, logic and challenge, to astronomy and archeology. COPPA certified application with the kidSAFE Seal Program, zamCurrently a Made for Mums Gold Award winner with PIN protected parental controls. Azoomee, nominated for BAFTA, is also supported by NSPCC (The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children). - Hibya News Agency

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