Audi eAWS A New Technology

How do you ensure that a large SUV model does not compromise on comfortable driving on all kinds of road bases, and the most sporty driving and minimum centrifugal force application? Audi provides this with its Electromechanical stabilization system (electromechanical roll stabilization, eAWS).

The biggest reasons why users worldwide choose SUVs include comfortable and high driving, large interior volume, off-road capabilities and advanced equipment. Although SUVs offer a comfortable ride on straight roads because they are high by design, they are more exposed to centrifugal force because the load centers are higher in bends. As a result, while the sportiness and agility of SUVs decrease in the bends, driving comfort can also be negatively affected.

The new technology developed by Audi removes this problem. The eAWS offered by Audi in the Q7, SQ7, SQ8 and RSQ8 models, which are the strongest members of the Q SUV family, is powered by an electric motor powered by 48 V electricity. The electrical system on the front and rear axle, powerful actuators and stabilizer system are activated when the vehicle enters a corner. By automatically adjusting the suspension stability, it minimizes the centrifugal force that the vehicle is subjected to when cornering. The result is a comfortable ride even in the corner.

The electrical power required for the eAWS is provided by a 48 V system that operates independently of the vehicle system. Within milliseconds, it calculates the costs that the system sensors and balancers in the axles need. The eAWS is able to provide the balancers with a torque of up to 1200 Nm.

So what does all this technology provide to the driver? With eAWS, drivers can use performance Q models more agile and comfortably. The driving of the models becomes easier, as it is prevented from skidding or getting out of the bend.

Hibya News Agency

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