Firms that received Vehicle Sales Authorization Documents Remained Limited with Only 10 Percent


The second-hand vehicle sector, where nearly 8 million vehicles are bought and sold annually and a total transaction volume of 350 billion lira is formed, is now experiencing the chaos of 'Authorization Certificate'. As you know, despite the demand, many people who wanted to turn the mobility of the second hand into an opportunity as a result of the lack of as many new vehicles as desired had started to buy and sell vehicles in recent months, even though they had no commercial business. While this situation increased the prices of second hand vehicles, it made the vehicles officially fall into the black market.

As a solution to this, the 'Authorization Certificate' obligation, which was actually prepared 2.5 years ago but never implemented, started with the "Regulation on the Trade of Second Hand Motor Vehicles" published in the Official Gazette on 15 August. Those who do not have this document must make the necessary applications by 31 August and document that they have done this job. If they cannot obtain the authorization certificate, they will only be able to trade 3 vehicles a year.


This is where the biggest problem manifested itself. Because only 15 days between the date of publication of the regulation and the time given for obtaining the authorization certificate. Today 2nd hand car trading company has been engaged in various sizes in Turkey over 60 thousand. Nearly 10 thousand of them are in Istanbul. Consequently, these companies must obtain authorization certificates until 1 September in order to continue their activities. The number of companies authorized to document in Turkey as of the end of July to close by 5 thousand, as of today, that number a little over 6 thousand.

Could get 10 percent

EBS Consulting General Manager Erol Şahin stated that the number of authorization certificates has started to become clearer by province, company by company, and said, “The net number is 6.192 at the moment. There are not even any documents in 4 provinces. While there are limited days to get a certificate, the rate of certificate owner is only 10 percent. So the situation is bad. It should also be reminded that the applications made to obtain the Authorization Certificate have been waiting in the system for months. The problem is not solved by enacting a law ”. -Spokesman

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