TSE Certified Special Services That Do Not Break The Vehicle Warranty


TOSEF President Ünal Ünaldı pointed out that the manufacturer's warranty on zero-kilometer vehicles is not only protected by the maintenance and modification operations carried out at authorized services, but by the manufacturer, not by authorized services or distributors, TOSEF President Ünal Ünaldı said, “With the Block Exemption Law, TSE 12047 Service Qualification Certificate '' The maintenance and repair operations carried out in accordance with the technical standards published by the vehicle manufacturer on the basis of the brand do not break the warranty of the vehicles.

Vehicle owners take a sigh of relief with this law, which prevents the strict attitude of the authorized services and the high price policy. Unaldı stated that as TOSEF, they are working to reach a certain level of quality with standardization and stated that they aim to increase the number of special services approximately 12047 with TSE 740 Service Competence Certificate in the coming years.

All 680 members of the Federation of Auto Service across Turkey TOSEF, warned remarkable about the automotive sector, which has become permanent agenda with the movement of the second hand market. Ünal Ünaldı stated that many vehicle owners still take their cars between the ages of 0-5 to the authorized service for maintenance and modifications in order not to spoil the manufacturer's warranty, but turn to special services as soon as the warranty expires.In the face of strict attitudes and high price policies, the authorized services hold the manufacturer's guarantee as a trump card in their hands. However, in private services with TSE 12047 Service Qualification Certificate, Periodic maintenance and repair operations performed in accordance with the technical standards published by the vehicle manufacturer on a brand basis do not break the warranty of the vehicles, protects. Here, care should be taken to ensure that the manufacturer's specified maintenance interval, manufacturer's specified part brand, reference number, approved engine oil and viscosity have been used. The Block Exemption Law makes this possible, giving vehicle owners a sigh of relief. Many of our citizens still do not know about this issue. In addition, this law protects all legal rights of consumers with the regulations of the competition board." dedicate.

TSA 12047 Service Qualification Document used part of the quality of the technical team's level of education, up to the standard level of repairs equipment used, the size of the service area, said that given according to specific standards in many respects Unal, said that people are always trying to move the special service of up service quality levels with standardization in Turkey. TSE certificate already 740 pieces of special services is in Turkey and this number next year at much higher figure they aimed to increase the express TOSEF President Unal Unal, "Institutionalization smoking and adapt to the digital integration, we want to remain private service. We need institutionalization for TSE 12047 Service Competence Certificate, and we need to keep up with the digital world for institutionalization ”.

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