Apple: Stepping Back

Apple had a discussion about in-app purchases From WordPress apologized. Popular content management system (CMS) WordPress' free app in the App Store does not have any in-app purchases. However, WordPress advertises paid subscriptions using this app.

Apple wanted to prevent WordPress from advertising its paid services, blocking the app's updates and asking the open source project to use in-app purchases. This is due to sales through Apple's own store. 30 percent share. Finding this interruption high, Epic Games recently allowed to buy virtual money from Fortnite, and this behavior caused the game to be removed from the App Store.

Apple's decision to block WordPress's iOS app updates was against the firm's renewed policies. WordPress developer Matt MullenwagApple had to take a step back after the tweet of the issue on the social platform, and made a statement that the problem was resolved.

While the problem between Apple and WordPress has disappeared, Epic Games and other developers continue to struggle with the 30 percent cut.

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