How Many Years Has Ankaray Entered Service? How Many Stations Are There? Ongoing and Planned Lines

Ankaray is light rail system serving in Turkey's capital Ankara. The length of the line is 9,5 kilometers and there are eleven stations on the line.


Ankara's first light rail system, Ankaray, which was started to be built on April 7, 1992 in order to meet the increasing transportation demand of Ankara, was completed on 30 August 1996 and put into service on the AŞTİ-Dikimevi route. With the opening of M2, it has not yet been connected to Söğütözü, which is under construction with a station.

AŞTİ Sewing House Ankaray Line

Ankaray: AŞTİ - Sewing House
AŞTİ • Emek • Bahçelievler • Beşevler • Anatolia • Maltepe • Demirtepe • Kızılay • College • Kurtuluş • Sewing House

Ankaray stations 

Station Transfer Kind
ASTI Open-close
Emek in Hemzem
Bahçelievler Open-close
Besevler Open-close
Anadolu Open-close
Malta (Connection to Başkentray line) Open-close
Red Crescent M1 Drilling
Demirtepe Open-close
Rail Open-close
Kurtulus (Connection to Başkentray line) Open-close
Dressmaker Open-close

Ongoing extensions

Söğütözü extension

A one-station extension is made from AŞTİ to Söğütözü. (M 2) There will be a transfer between the station built next to Söğütözü station and the Koru metro.

Planned extensions

East extension

The last stop of Ankaray, which will stretch approximately 10 km from the Sewing House to the Ege District, will be the area where Nata Vega Shopping Center is located. More than half of the Mamak population will benefit from the metro, which will cover approximately 15 neighborhoods.

Western extension

Ankaray, which will extend approximately 5 km from Söğütözü to Middle East Technical University, will consist of two stations, Yüzüncüyıl and METU.

Karapürçek line

Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI), according to the Address Based Population Registration System 2018 data, the most populous neighborhoods of Ankara, which KARAPURCEK, Site Furniture Industry has come to include more able to meet the transportation 4-5 neighborhoods. The Metropolitan Municipality, considering the inability to respond to the need, planned a rail system line as the first step, passing through the Siteler, as the Karapürçek District as the last stop.

Map of Ankaray

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