Discount from Anadolu Sigorta on Complementary Health Insurance

Anadolu Sigorta offers the most advantageous discount opportunity in the branch to its customers who will purchase Complementary Health Insurance for the first time.

Anadolu Sigorta launched an unmissable discount campaign in Complementary Health Insurance. Within the scope of the campaign, which will continue until September 30, the most advantageous discount opportunity in the segment is offered to customers who are in the middle of 18-45 and who will buy a Complementary Health Insurance policy from Anadolu Sigorta for the first time. The campaign, which is valid in the Complementary Health Insurance policies selected as B Network and C Network * as the agreed health institution network, can be accessed through all sales channels, including Anadolu Sigorta digital platforms.

Complementary Health Insurance with Anadolu Sigorta privileges

Within the scope of Anatolian Complementary Health Insurance; Individuals who are entitled to General Health Insurance are covered by very reasonable premiums for the difference prices they have to pay in the examination, examination and treatment costs covered by the SSI in private hospitals.

Erdinç Gökalp, Deputy General Manager of Anadolu Sigorta; “With our Complementary Health Insurance work, we make sure that our policyholders feel in faith at every step of the service they will receive in private hospitals. We do not leave our insured alone for diseases that are difficult to treat and can be long-term, and continue to renew their policies with appropriate premiums in the next period. Even in the most severe diseases such as cancer, heart disease, hypertension and diabetes, we cover the treatment costs as soon as the insurance occurs after the insurance start date, without waiting time. One of the most valuable privileges of Anatolian Complementary Health Insurance is that we do not apply day limitations for inpatient treatments. We continue to offer Anadolu Sigorta coverage until our policyholders are well-off.

Well-being is a priority that every individual needs to feel in faith. For this reason, we aimed to include our customers within the scope of Complementary Health Insurance in return for much more affordable premiums and we invite all our customers to our agencies to benefit from our campaign with these advantageous discounts that we will offer until the end of September. " said.

With the Complementary Health Insurance, the insured can choose the plan that includes inpatient + outpatient treatment coverage, as well as the inpatient treatment coverage. In addition to the comprehensive coverage offered, many additional services are also provided.

Anadolu Sigorta offers Complementary Health Insurance holders a very comprehensive dental service where processes for tooth extraction and filling are covered. Complementary Health Insurance owners can also benefit from 7/24 live and image health consultancy service at no cost. In addition, with the Sıhhatim Cepte application, insured persons can quickly perform the processes from a single portable application to view their health policies, follow health data and limits, and access reports, prescriptions and laboratory results.

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