TikTok Crisis Between America and China

Photograph: OtonomHaber

Application of Chinese origin phone TikTok application also widely used in Turkey. This application, which is especially used by young people, is mostly based on video broadcasting. According to the news of the NewYork Times newspaper at the end of last month, TikTok is intended to be purchased by the American software giant Microsoft. This software, which has more than 800 million users, is shared by young people on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

American President Trump, who opposed the acquisition of TikTok by Microsoft, said he would ban TikTok in America. In fact, this application is highly preferred by the Z generation. Byte Dance, owner of TikTok, is a $ 100 billion private company. The company, a Chinese company founded in Beijing in 2012, is a question mark whether it will continue its negotiations with Microsoft. Its value was 75 billion in the beginning of this year, but TikTok's value is now over 154 billion dollars in 100 countries due to the intense interest it receives from the Z generation.

US politicians are worried that ByteDance, the Chinese owner of the application, has collected user information and may share it with the Chinese government.

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