15 Kurus Discount on Fuel

The price per liter of fuel will be reduced by 15 cents, effective from midnight.

According to the information obtained from the Power Petrol Gas Supply Stations Boss Union (EPGİS), the discount will be reflected on the pump price of the fuel as an average of 15 kuruş.

Accordingly, the price per liter of fuel sold in Ankara for an average of 6,90 lira will be 6,75 lira. Liter of fuel will decrease from 6,85 lira to 6,70 lira in Istanbul and from 6,91 lira to 6,76 lira in Izmir.

Fuel prices, changes in the dollar exchange rate with the average price of the finished work in the Mediterranean, including Turkey's market is estimated by refineries basis. As a result of this calculation, the prices applied by distribution companies may vary slightly compared to companies and cities due to competition and freedom.

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