August 2020 Auto Deals

We scanned the August 2020 Automobile Campaigns for you and listed all brands and models for you.


Turkey Citroën offers very attractive and a variety of special financing campaigns to August.

Citroen C3 Aircross

It is possible to have Citroën models with a 40.000-month interest of 48 percent for 0,92 TL, with only 1.050 TL installment loan per month or 80.000 percent interest for 24 months for 0,92 TL. In addition, Citroën Jumper is offered for sale with a 20.000-month 12 percent interest opportunity for 0 TL, exclusive to August.

Citroen Berlingo

For customers who do not want to use credit, cash discounts are available on selected models.


BMW offers attractive deals exclusively for the BMW 3 Series and BMW X3 models effective throughout August.

BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series is waiting for its enthusiasts at Borusan Otomotiv Authorized Dealers with an attractive barter base up to 10.000 TL. The BMW X3 is offered to its enthusiasts with the advantage of attractive exchange reinforcement up to 15.000 TL.


In addition, Premium Finance's special payment plans and advantageous credit facilities are among the opportunities offered in the BMW 3 Series and BMW X3 models.


Specially for August, KIA offers 100 months installments for 18 thousand TL and 0,69 percent interest advantage at Sportage, and an interest opportunity of 70 percent for 18 months for 0,69 thousand TL in XCeed, Niro and Ceed models.

Kia xceed

Within the scope of the August campaign, KIA offers the Rio and Stonic model with 50 thousand TL and 18 months 0,69 percent interest option, while Picanto model offers 40 thousand TL and 18 months 0,69 percent interest advantage. Bongo, the companion of SMEs, is waiting for its enthusiasts at authorized sales points with 0 percent interest.


Mercedes-Benz Financial Services offers special financing options for August for 0 km car purchases.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

For those who want to own a Mercedes-Benz A-Class Hatchback and Sedan, an interest rate of 200.000 percent is offered for a loan of 12 TL for up to 0,84 months. For the Mercedes-Benz CLA and New GLA, a 225.000-month loan with 36 percent interest is offered for 1,04 TL, exclusively for August. In the new GLB model, there is a loan opportunity of 250.000 TL in August and 36 percent interest for 1,04 months.

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Mercedes-Benz C-Series cars are offered very attractive loan opportunities with a special 250.000-month interest rate of 12 percent for TL 0,84 loan this month. For customers who want to own an E-Class, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services offers a special interest rate of 330.000 percent up to 12 months up to 0,84 TL in August, if Mercedes-Benz Insurance is preferred.


Jeep offers a "Buy Now, Pay Next Year" loan campaign and price advantages on Compass and Renegade models exclusive to August!

Jeep Compass

Jeep offers attractive payment opportunities for both Compass and Renegade models in August. Throughout August, with the "Buy Now, Pay Next Year" loan campaign, a discount of 10 thousand TL on Jeep Compass models and 5 thousand TL on Jeep Renegade awaits consumers. Czech brand is not zero km cars will also offer a service campaign in Turkey in August for those who own Skoda.

The brand offers special discount privileges for your 3 years old and older cars, SKODA Brand New Modules, Maintenance and mechanical personnel services and Castrol Motor oils.

It offers a 3 percent discount on the tire brands designated within the scope of the campaign, with the unique cut and personnel used in periodic maintenance, mechanical and electrical works, to the 4 and 15 year old SKODA models.

In SKODA models between the ages of 5 and 7, brand new modules and personnel used in periodic maintenance, mechanical and electrical works offer 25% discount on tire brands and 20% discount on motor oils.

For SKODA models aged 8 and over, it offers a 30 percent discount on tire brands and 20 percent discount on engine oils, with original cut and personnel used in periodic maintenance, mechanical and electrical works, and personnel.

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