Forensic Medicine Institution to Recruit 60 Personnel


The personnel recruitment announcement of the Forensic Medicine Institute was published in the Official Gazette in various advertisements. According to the announcement, 657 data preparation and control operators, 4 chemists, 24 laboratory workers, 4 health technicians, 9 technicians and 18 cooks will be employed in the central and provincial organization of the Forensic Medicine Institute, in accordance with Article 3 / A of the Civil Servants Law No. 2.

Personnel will be recruited according to the results of the oral examination to be held by the Forensic Medicine Institute.

Candidates who entered the 2018 KPSS and got at least 70 points from the type of score sought for the staff can apply for the oral exams.

Applications will start on Monday, September 7 at 10.00:18 am and end on Friday, September 17.00 at XNUMX:XNUMX.

Those who will apply must meet the conditions specified in Articles 5 and 6 of the Ministry of Justice Civil Servant Examination, Appointment and Transfer Regulation and the conditions specified in Article 4 of the said announcement.

Oral exams, based on the scores obtained in the central exam, starting with the highest score, 10 times the number of candidates announced for each staff will be invited.

Applications will be made on the official website of the Forensic Medicine Institute, at

No documents will be sent by mail or other communication channels after the application made on the website.

Candidates must have the PDF or picture format of these documents ready, as the photograph and KPSS result document and the diploma or temporary graduation document must be uploaded to the system during the application.

The application registration number will be automatically given by the system to the candidates who complete the application process properly.

According to the education level of the applicants who have applied and whose applications are accepted, the ranking will be made according to the lowest score starting from the highest score based on the KPSS P3 and KPSS P93 scores.

As a result of this ranking, the candidate who ranks 10 times higher than the announced staff number will be entitled to take the oral exam.

The applications of the candidates who are determined to have made false declarations or submitted missing documents during the application and procedures will not be accepted and will be canceled even if their appointments are made. Legal action will be taken against the candidates in this situation according to the general provisions.

Application results and exam results will be published on the website of the Forensic Medicine Institute.

Since the announcements, announcements and information to be published will be in the form of notification, no additional notification will be made to the candidates.

Oral exams for all announced staff will be held at the headquarters of the Forensic Medicine Institute in Istanbul Bahçelievler, and the oral exam dates will be announced later. - NTV

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