Who is Yusuf Kaplan? Where is Yusuf Kaplan, how old?


Author Yusuf Kaplan was born in 1964 in the district of Şarkışla in Sivas. He completed his primary education in Kayseri. He graduated from Dokuz Eylül University, Faculty of Fine Arts, department of stage and visual arts, Cinema-TV in 1986. He went to England with a scholarship from the Ministry of Education to pursue a master's and doctorate behind his undergraduate education.

In 1991, he completed his master's degree at East Anglia University with his thesis titled “Story-Telling and Myth-Making Medium: Television”. In 1992, at the University of London and Middlesex Polytechnic. He received his doctorate under the supervision of Roy Armes.

With journals such as Science and Art, Seven Climate, Records, Kitap Dergisi, Girişim, Islam and Kadın ve Aile. ZamVarious articles, interviews and translations were published in daily newspapers such as An and Milli Gazete.

He made several translations from writers and thinkers such as Michel Foucault, Baudrillard, Milan Kundera, Umberto Eco and John Berger. He was the editor-in-chief of Yeni Şafak newspaper for a while. Then he directed Umran magazine for 3 years. Yusuf Kaplan is still a lecturer at Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University and writes columns in Yeni Şafak newspaper. He was the general broadcast coordinator of TV25 until February 2006, 5, later he was among the founders of TVNET.

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