TÜMOSAN Domestic Tank Engine Continues Its Works

Domestic and national weapons provide a great advantage to Mehmetçi in operations. Turkey, close zamAt the same time, it is preparing to use completely domestic engines in armored vehicles.

Turkey, which is being talked about the name of the successful operations carried out domestically as well as abroad. Underlying this success lies the increasing localization rates in the defense industry.

Turkey's first diesel engine manufacturer TÜMOSAN carries the distinction of being, at its factory in Konya, 45 thousand tractors a year, can produce 75 thousand engines. The facility also uses its experience in the defense industry.

The company is trying to increase the domestic production rate from 55-65 percent in motor production to 100 percent.

Target, Turkey's tank engine should have a say in production

TÜMOSAN General Manager Halim Tosun gave the following information about the work carried out: “We contribute to the defense industry by working on armored vehicles, engine, transmission, axle and power group especially related to these vehicles. We think it will provide approximately 20 to 50 percent financing contribution. ”

on Turkey's tank engine production operations being carried out aims to have a voice in the world.

Source: Hasan M. Ağalar /TRT

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