TOKKDER: 2,6 Billion TL Investment Made in the First Half


With the said investment, the number of vehicles in the sector's fleet, whose asset size was 30 billion TL, was 255 thousand 900 vehicles. Highlighting that the contraction in the sector with the effect of the pandemic improved especially in the second quarter, TOKKDER Chairman of the Board, İnan Ekici said, “As the operational leasing sector, our vehicle park contracted by 13,2 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. Our park, which was 295 thousand at the end of the first half of last year, was recorded as 256 thousand in the first half of this year. In the first quarter of 2020, this figure was 264 thousand. However, we can observe that the contraction experienced has recovered in the last 3 months. Because the contraction, which was 5,1 percent in the first quarter of the year, was 3,2 percent in the second quarter. We anticipate a stable course for the rest of the year. In this direction, we estimate that we will purchase around 15-20 thousand new vehicles by the end of the year and we aim to close the year 2020 with an investment of over 6 billion TL ”.

All Car Rental Agencies Association, the umbrella organization of Turkey car rental industry (the TOKKDER), an independent research firm that prepared by Nielsen cooperation of the January-June period of 2020, "TOKKDER Operational Leasing Sector Report" announced ni. According to the report, new car sales that took place in Turkey increased by about 2019 percent rate compared to the same period of 30,2, operational vehicle leasing sector, which is about 2020 percent in the first half of sold new cars in Turkey in 7,3, 14 thousand 900 new added the vehicle to its fleet. In this period, the asset size of the sector, which made 2,6 billion TL investment in new vehicles, was 30 billion TL. The number of vehicles in the fleet of the operational leasing sector, which contracted by 2019 percent compared to the end of 8,2, was 255 thousand 900 in total. The sector closed 2019 with a vehicle park of 279 thousand units.

More than half of contracts are between 30 and 42 months

According to the data provided in the report, which sell a significant portion of the new field operational leasing of cars sold in Turkey has achieved significant tax revenues to the country's economy in 2020. In this context, the operational leasing sector, which paid approximately 3 billion TL in tax last year, continued its contributions to the country's economy by paying approximately 2020 billion TL in tax during the first 6 months of 1,4. Another important factor that draws attention in the TOKKDER report was the contract durations in the sector. Accordingly, 57,4 percent of 30- operational leasing in Turkey has created 42 month term contracts. Secondly, the most preferred operational lease term was 16,4 percent for contracts between 18-30 months, while contracts with 43 months or more were preferred at 16,2 percent.

"It maintains its advantage to rent instead of buying"

Commenting on the issue, TOKKDER Chairman İnan Ekici said, “As the operational car rental sector, we made an investment of 2020 billion TL in the first half of 2,6. In the first half of 2019, this figure was 2 billion TL. After the Covid-19 outbreak, efficiency became much more important. In the upcoming period, I think that businesses of all sizes will meet their vehicle needs by opting for the operational leasing method, which attaches importance to efficiency and wants to use their own resources or credit limits in their main field of activity instead of purchasing a vehicle. Despite going through an economically difficult period, compared to purchasing a car rental zamthe moment is more advantageous. We provide vehicles at more affordable costs, and we reflect the cost advantage to our customers by managing many aspects such as damage management, maintenance, and winter tires ”.

While Renault took the most share in the fleet, the superiority of the compact class continued

TOKKDER According to the report, Turkey operational in the car rental industry in the first half of the car park, with a 26,2 percent share of the Renault was the most preferred brand. Fiat followed Renault with 13,6 percent, Volkswagen with 11,9 percent and Ford with 10,9 percent. A significant 50,3 percent of the sector's vehicle park consists of compact class (C segment) vehicles, while small class (B segment) vehicles have a share of 26,7 percent and upper middle class (D segment) vehicles with 13,4 percent. as well as all over the world with each passing day increases its market share in Turkey while the share of operational leasing of SUVs rose 5,4 percent. According to the report, diesel vehicles constitute 91,3 percent of the vehicle park of the sector, while the share of automatic transmission vehicles was 64,2 percent. - Hibya News Agency

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