TOGG to Implement American Tesla's Strategy


While the automotive sector in the world changes day by day, TOGG signaled that there will be differences in the dealership system. CEO Gürcan Karakaş, "We aim to establish a dealer structure suitable for the changing department" said. This explanation also comes to mind, "Will Tesla sell directly to the customer" brought the question.

Tesla, the electric automotive giant, has become a brand that guides the world automotive segment with its many elements. At the point where share values ​​come "World's most expensive car brand" The success of the American manufacturer, which reached its position, started to direct many brands to peer strategies. While internal combustion car manufacturers turned to electric models, the number of non-conventional manufacturers producing electric cars started to increase gradually.

One of them is "One in Europe" Of course, TOGG attracts attention. This innovative course that Tesla's hungry, Turkey's leading brand of cars is followed by the activities. On this road, the signals that the brand is ready to take a step beyond the classic dealership system, just like Tesla, were given at the online press conference held last week.


Compared to Hurriyet, performed online press until the car a lot of issues related to Turkey at a meeting of the CEO Gürcan King, “We receive dealership offers in very important form. Every day hundreds of emails and telephone inquiries from around Turkey reaches us. However, we are working on a different system that can keep up with the changing mobility world. Classic procedures have begun to change in the automotive sector, and this change includes a distribution network ” dedicate.


It is possible for the brand to sell itself without establishing a dealer network, as the leading brands of its segment in the world. TOGG will establish within Gemlik facilities "Customer Experience Center" ve "It will be more than a factory" Their pronunciations also stand out as elements that reinforce this idea. It is sure to bring innovations to this bet.

There are precedent examples in the world, especially Tesla, Apple and German bicycle manufacturer Canyon, which eliminated the vehicle and met with its customer directly. Tesla established its own network, worldwide "Tesla Store" Although it brings together its works and technologies with its customers in the fields named after it, it takes the orders online and makes them after delivery.

Technology company Apple also sells its works in a similar form at its own sales points. The Canyon brand, on the other hand, delivers the bicycles produced in its factory in Germany, worldwide, and does not use a classic dealer network. In addition, it also offers the opportunity to have it experience in the experience center in the factory and deliver it from there. In addition, the facility also offers the opportunity to visit its museum, which includes bicycles used by professional groups.


Now is a concern not clear how to set up the car's service network in Turkey. The biggest contribution to shaping this in our head came from the statements made again. Gürcan Karakaş "We will establish a TOGG ecosystem" His words and the fact that the dealer network can be a hybrid network turns the question marks into a form that is a little more exciting.

If there are neutral in the ecosystem Turkey's car also has special requirements and qualified for congenital electric vehicles. It is possible to establish special and competent services by training the service personnel within its own structure. As the ecosystem expands, it can train its members in the service network to be involved and have a widespread service network across the country.

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