Nostalgic Bosphorus Tour Has Started Again! So How Much is the Ticket Price of the Tour?

Nostalgic long Bosphorus tours have resumed from Monday, August 24. The tour, which takes place by stopping at the piers on both sides of the Bosphorus, will start from Eminönü every day and end at Anadolu Kavağı.

İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality Şehir Hatları AŞ has restarted its nostalgic long Bosphorus tours, which it took a break due to the pandemic. The tours, which started on Monday, August 24, are carried out by stopping at the piers on both sides of the Bosphorus.


The nostalgic tour, which gives you the opportunity to breathe the air of the Bosphorus and watch all its beauties, starts at 10.35:10.50 with a ferry departing from Evliya Çelebi Bosphorus Pier in Eminönü. The ferry stops at Beşiktaş at 11.05, Üsküdar at 11.35, Kanlıca at 12.05, Sarıyer at 12.15, Rumeli Kavağı at 12.25, and unloads passengers at Anadolu Kavağı at XNUMX.


The tour takes approximately 2,5 hours in Anadolu Kavağı, the charming fishing village where the Marmara Sea meets the Black Sea. zamgives the opportunity to spend the moment. The return starts from Anadolu Kavağı at 15.00:15.10. The ferry stops at Rumeli Kavağı at 15.20, Sarıyer at 15.40, Kanlıca at 16.10, Üsküdar at 16.25, Beşiktaş at 16.40 and then finishes its tour in Eminönü at XNUMX.

The full ticket price of the tour is 15 TL one way, 25 TL round trip; Under the age of 12, one way is 6 TL, round trip is 12,5 TL.

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