Tesla Released A New Software Update For Its Tools

US-based electric car manufacturer, under which Elon Musk is CEO Teslahas released a new software update for its cars' autopilot system. '2020.36' Tesla vehicles with the software update released with the version number speed limit signs and perceive more visually.

Tesla electric cars used to provide drivers with information about the speed limit based on navigation data. With the new update, cars are now in the vehicle to detect speed limit signs on the route. from cameras will benefit. According to Tesla, the speed limit signs detected by the cameras will be displayed in the driving visualization and about to set speed limit warning will be used.  

The green light warning feature has also been added to Tesla vehicles with the new update:

With the update with '2020.36' version number also yeşil light warning feature has also been added to electric vehicles. With this feature, Tesla vehicles will warn drivers loudly when the traffic light turns green when they stop. At this point, the US manufacturer only warned that “ notification as was designed”And states that“ it is the driver's responsibility to observe the environment and make decisions accordingly ”.

In other words, the drivers have to move the car themselves when they hear the warning sound. Nevertheless, Tesla vehicles perceive the green light and the position of the vehicle compared to other drivers, in the near future. own per It means he can decide to act. In addition, vehicles can recognize speed signs and stay within speed limits, Autopilot It helps it work much more functionally.

The new software update has started to be distributed to electric cars as of today. However, every zamTesla's software update as it is now gradual as It is important to note that it distributes it to their vehicles and it can take a few weeks to reach all vehicles.

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