Precautions Should Be Taken for Children's Books


"Book Safety Regulation should be created": Stating that it is important to choose books suitable for children in terms of their cognitive, social and emotional development, Prof. Dr. Nurper Ülküer said that parents should definitely examine the contents of the books. Pointing out that a “Book Safety Regulation” should be created that will prevent social and emotional abuse and abuse of children, just like the “Toy Safety Regulation”, Ülküer said, “A check mark indicating the existence of these standards should be on books such as“ Safe Book Approval - GKO ”. " said.

Üsküdar University Faculty of Health Sciences Head of Child Development Department Prof. Dr. Reminding that a children's book is on the agenda due to its inappropriate content, Nurper Ülküer said that it is important to choose the right book for children.

Prof. Dr. Nurper Ülküer said, "Recently, a 'fairy tale' in a book 'that has been taken out of the publication and whose copies have been destroyed' and which contains 'abusive' expressions of children, young people and even us adults, brought an important issue back to the agenda via social media. .

It is important that they meet the books in the first years

Drawing attention to the fact that books, especially fairy tale books, are known to play an important role in children's cognitive, social and emotional development, especially language development, Prof. Dr. Nurper Ülküer said, “This is why it is very important for the child to meet with the book from the first year of his life by making interactive readings with adults such as his parents. Tales that were listened to from adults in the past reach children through books today. Books play an important role in the transfer of cultural heritage, traditions and customs to new generations, ”he said.

Attention to social blindness in fairy tales

Prof. Dr. Nurper Ülküer pointed out a statement by the author of the book in the incident in question and warned that mistakes in cultural transmission must be intervened and said:

"The author of the book, which is the subject of the subject, said the same thing in the" apology "post he published on his Twitter account:" I quoted the 'parable' I listened to from my elders, I had no bad intentions. " Here, another important point to be noted is that the "inappropriateness" in the tale is "normalized" in its transcultural overthrow, and even the author does not notice it. This is one of the most important risks to be faced during the transmission of cultural discourses from generation to generation, and this is the risk we should be aware of immediately: normalization of anomalies to create 'social blindness'. The best example of this situation is that 'inequalities' in 'gender' are accepted as 'normal' by the members of the society and not recognized.

Everyone should be protected from annoying publications

Stating that “Books are indispensable for life,” Prof. Dr. Nurper Ülküer said, “Books that have adopted universal values ​​with social and cultural sensitivity have an important place in our development starting from our childhood. Our emotions, social and cultural perspectives are shaped by books. Therefore, especially children, adolescents and even adults should be protected from such abusive publications and risks should be eliminated ”.

One needs to be "proactive", not "reactive"

Stating that the subject must be addressed, Prof. Dr. Nurper Ülküer said, “Through social media, there is a situation where everyone reacts suddenly and storms are breaking out over a book that is immediately examined. Perhaps, after a few days the subject will be forgotten and will not be on the agenda again until a new similar event occurs. However, with a proactive approach, this should be accepted as a warning. In order to prevent similar events from repeating, subject experts, administrators, authors-illustrators-publishers, parents should take action and initiate studies to take effective and sustainable measures ”.

Books should be examined in detail, unsuitable ones should be complained

Emphasizing that parents should be very careful about the books they choose for their children, Prof. Dr. Stating that the relevant institutions should also fulfill their duties, Nurper Ülküer said:

“Parents can carefully examine the books they will buy for their children or read by their children and inform the authorities about the inappropriate ones. In order to do this, parents may need a conscious awareness-raising support regardless of their education level. Writers and publishers alike need to develop their ability to recognize and overcome their potential 'blindness' in this area. Specialists working in the field of Child Development and Education to consider the subject carefully and to play an active role in these awareness-raising activities will make important contributions. In particular, it is of great importance for the success and sustainability of these studies to make the control mechanisms and sanctions of the responsible and authorized boards more effective within the MoNE and MoFLSS.

Book Safety Regulation and Safe Book Approval

Prof. Dr. Nurper Ülküer stated that the book safety regulation must be established and said, “Today, the 'Toy Safety Regulation' has been prepared for the development and safety of children and the 'CE' mark, which indicates that it is in European Standards, has been imposed on the packages. Although this situation is more important in commercial terms, it has become an important criterion for the safety of children and the conscious selection of toys by parents and has created awareness. A 'Book Safety Regulation' should be created to prevent children from being socially and emotionally traumatized and abused, and a check mark indicating the existence of these standards should be on books such as 'Safe Book Approval - GKO'. All professionals working with children, especially parents, should be educated and made aware of this issue. It is beneficial for authors of children's books to receive 'Safe Book' awareness training from the authorities of institutions providing education in this field, and to act under the leadership of the interdisciplinary expertise boards, especially the MoNE and MoFLSS, to give this approval. Let's be proactive for the best interests and development of the child. Otherwise, we will continue to react to similar events through social media 'instantly' and then forget it ”. - Hibya News Agency

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