Over 2 Million Accounts Blocked in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile, the portable version of PUBG, which is one of the first games that comes to mind when it comes to the Battle Royale type, has been dealing with cheating for a long time. The game's developer studio eventually tackled this problem and did a thorough "cleanup".

PUBG Mobile announced on its official Twitter account that it permanently blocked 20 million 27 thousand 2 accounts and 273 million 152 thousand 1 devices between August 424 and August 854.

PUBG Mobile cheat blocking statistics

Players whose account is suspended will be able to continue playing by opening a new account. However, players who have a device problem will need to download it to a different device in order to play the game again. The studio will provide players with better graphics, a new user interface, player lobby, and tougher anti-cheating measures with the version 8 update that will be released on September 1.0, after the permanent blocking to millions of accounts and devices.

In the statement made via the PUBG Mobile Twitter account, the reasons and rates of permanently blocked players were also conveyed. Compared to this, the blocked 12% were prevented from using speed fraud, 27% from automatic exploit fraud, 32% from using X-Ray vision fraud and 22% from using various other cheats. There were also players who cheated on area damage and character cosmetics, but they made up less than 5% of those who were blocked.

As we said above, the problem of cheating in PUBG Mobile has reached huge dimensions. Cheating was detected in many participating groups from India and Pakistan in the South Asia PUBG Mobile Club Open event, which is one of the most watched events of PUBG Mobile. The officials who regulated the event disqualified 20 groups and gave a lifetime penalty to cast members. After the authorities' investigation, only 23 teams remained, which means that almost half of the participants are cheating.

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