BMW: The New Oil-Free Motorcycle Chain Technology


Motorcycles have undergone many changes since the day they were invented and put on the road, and today many consider the motorcycle more of a way of life than a vehicle. Although many modules of motorcycles from engines to tires have undergone major changes, it has a module that continues to exist with base changes.

Bicycle and motorcycle riders will know very well that chains require systematic maintenance. Oil and tension care of a chainzamIf it is not carried out properly, it causes problems in gear shifts and creates a safety risk. German automotive giant BMW, which was also a motorcycle manufacturer at one time, announced that it has developed a chain that does not require oil and adjustment. BMW's industrial diamond-plated motorcycle chain looks like this

BMW's new motorcycle chain named 'M Endurance', according to the statement made by the German company industrial diamond coating Thanks to its tetrahedral amorphous carbon structure, also known as the high interaction of chain and gears, it does not wear out. Also, since friction decreases significantly in chain connections, unlike conventional chains, there is no need to lubricate the chain.

Although BMW says the M Endurance motorcycle chain will not require maintenance as it minimizes wear, it is not known whether the new chain will cause wear on the bike's sprockets. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until the next generation chain is launched to find out if it is a viable alternative to the chains known today as 'long-lasting'.

Structure of the BMW M Endurance motorcycle chain

When we say being released; BMW announced that the new generation bicycle chain is currently only compatible with the S1000RR and S1000XR models. BMW also said in a press release for its new chains that the chains are being developed for other BMW Motorrad vehicles as well. Whether the M Endurance can be used outside of BMW models is no longer known.

With its new technology, BMW offers drivers a new generation of chains that do not require oil and adjustment, while not keeping the price tag at the level that suits every pocket. Because Motorcycles. According to the information provided by News, the price of the chain alone $ 340 (TL 2.498 + taxes); is in a set including gear, wheel and other modules $ 507 (TL 3.725 + taxes) it will be. - WebTekno

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