How will the discount be at Private Schools?


According to the news of Erdinç Çelikkan from Hürriyet, the Ministry of National Education also closely followed the issue due to the expectation of discounts in parents after face-to-face education was delayed in private schools due to the increase in coronavirus cases.

Meeting with private school representatives and administrators, the ministry evaluated the discount formulas for tuition fees if distance education continues. In the meetings, private school representatives stated that there was a decrease in school enrollments due to the coronavirus and that they expect support from the state to pay teachers' fees without any difficulties. It was also stated that private schools with 350 thousand personnel take load from public schools in this sense.

'Refunds up to the discount rate'

According to the information obtained, the suggestion that the VAT rate applied in private schools should not be taken in this period in response to the discount requests from the parents was also discussed. According to the formula, a refund for parents or discounts on registration fees may be on the agenda as much as the discount rate to be applied in VAT.

It is also stated that different discount rates may come up in private schools due to the difference of expenses such as school rents and teacher fees. According to another formula, if the distance education continues, the parents of the enrolled students can be refunded at the end of the year, offsetting or discounted from the next semester tuition fee.

The ministry, which instantly follows the latest situation in the coronavirus, will complete all preparations until September 21, when face-to-face education will begin with private schools, and will create a road map for the formulas that are on the agenda. - Hibya

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