Work Continues to Localize the Akıncı Assault UAV Engine


Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank reminded that they supplied armed unmanned aerial vehicles to Ukraine and said, “We are using an engine we procured from Ukraine in the Akinci Attack UAV, which will open the door to great developments and change important defense concepts in the new period, and our works continue to localize it. " said.


Minister Varank met with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Strategic Industries of Ukraine Oleg Uruskiy and his accompanying delegation. In the meeting held at the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Deputy Minister Hasan in Büyükdeniz Çetin Ali Dönmez, Fatih Mehmet Kacar, TÜBİTAK President Hasan Mandal and President of Turkey Huseyin Yildirim Serdar Space Agency were present. Ukraine's Ambassador to Ankara Andrii Sybiha and representatives of the country's leading industrial companies were also present at the meeting.


Delivering a speech at the meeting of Ministers Varank, Ukraine and Turkey's history, culture and geography has close ties recalling that point, he said that 2011 was declared the bonds of strategic partnership that further consolidation. Varank stated that the visit will be an important start in terms of establishing new cooperation in critical sectors of the industry, and that the visit will focus on strategic sectors such as defense, aviation and shipbuilding.

Let's focus on getting results

Stressing that complement each other in terms of the ability of Ukraine and Turkey Varank, "in this sense by providing strategic-level cooperation which our more systematic and turning into an institutionalized, henceforth no longer joint project development, product development and the work we began in joint technological research dimension we need to focus on getting quickly as a result." said.


Recalling that such issues are followed by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy, Varank said: “We are currently supplying our armed drones to Ukraine, which the whole world admires with envy. In the Akıncı Attack UAV, which will open the door to great developments and change important defense concepts in the new period, we use an engine supplied from Ukraine and we are working on its localization. same zamAt the moment, we follow how willing Mr. Zelenskiy is to invest in aviation in Ukraine. We want to conclude these processes by focusing on concrete works in such areas.


Speaking at the meeting, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Uruskiy stated that he believed that the good cooperation between Turkey and Ukraine would reach higher levels with new projects. Stating that the talks with the Turkish side are a good basis for concrete cooperation, Uruskiy said, “We are not only neighbors with Turkey, but also the same. zamWe are now friends and strategic partners. Our Presidents Erdoğan and Zelenskiy pay attention to cooperation in the field of defense industry.” said. Uruskiy pointed out the importance of reducing bureaucracy in the cooperation between the two countries and noted that he would do his best on behalf of Ukraine.

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