5 Points to Consider in Buying and Selling Cars

Attention in buying and selling cars

The car is one of the most important means of meeting people's daily transportation needs. The purchase and sale of this important tool that makes life easier is a matter of which some are experienced and many people have insufficient knowledge. Knowing about some important points in vehicle trading eliminates anxiety as well as avoiding factors such as fraud and the risk of losing a vehicle. 150 years of history rooted in Turkey's first insurance company to be entitled to call Generali Insuranceshared the points that are overlooked and should be paid attention in buying and selling cars.

Request auto appraisal report

The first issue of concern in vehicle purchases and sales is the previous accidents and problems of the vehicle. The person who wants to sell can hide the problems and accidents of the vehicle. This is a common occurrence. Therefore, the report of auto expertise companies that have specialized in automobiles in recent years is very useful in such cases. If you are on the seller side, having an auto expertise report will give confidence to the buyer.

Pay attention to deposit

The word deposit, which is one of the most used concepts in vehicle purchase and sale, has become a symbol of mutual trust in sales. But trust zaman zamthe moment could turn into danger. It is very important to understand that the seller's identity card, passbook, driver's license and license are photocopied and that they are not paid by hand in sales demanded for deposit.

It is important that the vehicle has a plate

The plate is the identity of the vehicle. A vehicle without a plate can cause big problems. Careful attention should be paid to this issue, which is one of the main things to be considered in the purchase of vehicle sales, in vehicles that do not have a license plate, a license plate should be requested and inquiries should be made.

Don't be fooled by payment delays

In the sale of a vehicle, payment must be made at the notary. Transactions made at the notary will prevent illegal transactions. Among the methods frequently used by fraudsters; It is quite common to see cases where the payment will be made by someone else, meeting at a common point and realizing the sales transaction and the use of counterfeit money.

Don't rush it, find the right price

After acting hasty in vehicle sales and purchases, you can start your business. Vehicle sales and purchases should not be rushed and should be informed about legal issues. Also, if the value of the vehicle is lower than the normal market value, a little more skepticism should be treated. Because fraudsters take the tools they have below their value and paint their eyes and ensure that they are sold in a hurry.

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