30 August Special Wingsuit Base Jump

In the jump performed in Erzurum, Cengiz Koçak made a Wingsuit Base Jump jump from the 540-meter high cliff and glided like a bird in the air for 20 seconds.

Koçak, who reached a speed of 205 km during his jump, celebrated the 30th of August Victory Day with the words "From East to West, from North to South, in the Brave Hearts You Have Raised Trust".

Before his jump, Koçak saluted August 30 with the following lines:

“My name is Cengiz Koçak.

There was a saying:

If you see two roads in the forest,

That nobody knows there,

That you don't see either

But only you will know

There is one more way: the 3rd way.

That makes us ourselves

To the 3rd ways.

That shows us that way,

To Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

And to August 30… ”- Hibya News Agency

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