2021 BMW 545e xDrive Introduced

Continuing to expand its model range, the company 2021 BMW 545e xDrive Plug-in Hybrid introduced the model. Developing itself on the hybrid model, BMW continues its efforts to ensure that the drivers travel more comfortably and economically.

2021 BMW 545e xDrive Plug-in Hybrid introduced

Hybrid and electric vehicles are at the top of the list of preferences by drivers due to both performance and fuel savings. Major car companies, including BMW, Audi and Mercedes, have recently begun to increase their efforts on Hybrid technology.

TwinPower Turbo produced with technology and 286 horsepower In addition to the internal combustion engine, which has power 109 horsepower The new model with the electric motor, in total 394 horsepower ve 600 nm torque have value.

8-speed Steptronic The 545e xDrive model with transmission and xDrive all-wheel drive technology 0-100 km acceleration deadline 4,7 saniye. The model, which has an electric motor range of approximately 57 km, comes with Hybrid mode by default.

For high efficiency Hybrid Eco Pro The 545e xDrive mode provides high fuel savings. In this way, average fuel consumption per 100 kilometers 2.1 ila 2.4 liter changing in the middle.

To reduce carbon emissions in urban use eDrive zone The price and release date of the model with the technology have not been announced now.


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