2020 Opel Corsa Zamlı Prices

  • Prices continue to increase every day in the car market. As you remember, the prices of the 2020 Dacia Duster have been updated before and the prices of the vehicle are 3.000 TL. zamit was. Later, the French-based manufacturer Peugeot also went to update the popular SUV model of the B Class in 2008 prices and the prices were significantly higher. If now 2020 Opel Corsa it came up with a new increase news. Accordingly, the price list of the vehicle was arranged again and took its place on the official site. Here are the details!

     2020 Opel Corsa prices zamwas! Here are the new prices!

    Turkey car prices in the market continues to rise endlessly top. Although the volatility in the used vehicle market is met with reaction, the situation is not much different for new cars. When the various problems experienced at the point of production due to the coronavirus pandemic are added to the developments in the exchange rate, producers find the cure to update the prices. However, these price adjustments have been happening quite often lately, which disrupts the final consumer morale. Our latest increase news 2020 Opel Corsa regarding the model. As known Opel Corsa It is a small vehicle in Class B and its prices are expected to be affordable. However, the situation is unfortunately not at all.

    Two different engine options and four equipment packages prices in April, with Turkey entering the car market was £ 116.900 135.000. It was a desired price for this usual entry equipment level, and this price later increased to 2020 TL. After the new updates, a XNUMX model Opel Corsa You will have to sacrifice 149.900 TL to own it. You can check the price list of the vehicle below.

    • 1.2 liter fuel engine - 75 HP - 6 speed manual - Essential package - 149.900 TL
    • 1.5 liter diesel engine - 102 hp - 6 speed manual - Edition package - 179.400
    • 1.2 liter fuel engine - 100 HP - 8 speed automatic - Edition package - 183.400 TL
    • 1.2 liter fuel engine - 100 HP - 8 speed automatic - Elegance package - 186.400 TL
    • 1.2 liter fuel engine - 130 HP - 8 speed automatic - Ultimate package - 196.900 TL

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