Asteroid of 20 Meter Diameter Will Pass Very Close to Earth

The Earth, which has a place in space even smaller than the number of sand in a desert, zamit includes some visitors around the moment. Large rock segments that broke off from a space formation for a random reason by us can pass.

Here, one of these celestial bodies known as asteroids will pass by quite a lot compared to the official statement made by NASA. Of NASA Asteroid Watch In the post made on his official account, the information about the asteroid was not at risk of hitting the world, and details about the asteroid were given.

Asteroid with a diameter of about 20 meters compared to the share made from the official account of NASA Asteroid Watch 2011 ES4 Although the asteroid named will pass near us on an astronomical scale, it does not threaten the Earth in any form. The most of our planet 72.420 kilometers 792 ES2011, which will pass near (4 thousand football fields), will continue on its way by saluting our planet on Tuesday, September 1.

Compared to NASA estimation, the approaching face of the 2011 ES4 asteroid is in a second 8 kilometers around. This asteroid, 2011 ES4, was discovered in 2011 as the name suggests. The 2011 ES4 asteroid was located in the Apollo cluster of asteroids near Earth.

According to the sharing made by NASA Asteroid Watch 2 days ago, it was previously excluded from the mission. OGO-1 named spacecraft would re-enter Earth's orbit. The spacecraft, which was predicted to have entered our orbit yesterday, turned into dust with its entry into the atmosphere.

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