100 New Stations from ZES to Electric Cars

new station from zest to electric cars
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Zorlu Energy Solutions (ZES), one of Zorlu Enerji's biggest investments in order to implement new generation technologies, today provides service in 266 cities with 100 new stations opened in 56 locations. Celebrating its second year, ZES's market share has reached 40 percent with the latest investments.

Zorlu Enerji CEO Sinan Ak said, “As Zorlu Energy continues to work to accelerate this momentum in our country with our ZES brand, while the interest in electric cars increases with the introduction of the domestic electric car, we aim to cover the whole country as soon as possible. said.

With the new generation technologies it has implemented, Zorlu Energy continues to open charging stations in our country to contribute to the widespread use of electric cars with the ZES brand it established in 2018. With the latest investments, there are ZES electric car charging stations in 56 cities, and a total of 266 locations and 455 sockets have been reached.

While ZES has established charging stations in 17 new cities, it has established the first public electric vehicle charging stations in Amasya, Bartın, Bingöl, Burdur, Kahramanmaraş, Kilis, Niğde and Şanlıurfa cities.

Zorlu Enerji CEO Sinan Ak: “Today, electric vehicles play a major role in the world's transition to sustainable and renewable energy generation. While there are innovations in the electric vehicle market every day, as Zorlu Enerji, we closely follow these developments. While the interest in this issue has increased with the introduction of the domestic electric car in our country, we continue to work with our ZES brand, which we celebrate its second anniversary, to accelerate the electric car movement in our country. With our recent investments, we have reached a 40 percent market share. Today, we aim to cover the whole country in a short time while accompanying the journeys of electric car owners with our 56 sockets in 266 locations in 455 cities.

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