Renovated Fashion Tram Meets Istanbulites

The worn-out vehicles of the nostalgic Kadıköy - Moda Tramway, one of the symbols of Istanbul, were renewed. The line, which was suspended due to the coronavirus epidemic, starts to serve Istanbul residents on Monday, July 6, 2020.

Turkey's largest city rail operators of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) subsidiaries of the Metro Istanbul, which has become one of the symbols of the city to offer the possibility of more secure access to Istanbul Kadikoy - has renewed veteran wagons Fashion Tram Line.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic, which affected our country as well as the whole world, Kadıköy-Moda Tram Line was temporarily suspended. Kadıköy-Moda Tramway line, whose rails and trains have been renewed, will continue from Monday, July 6, 2020.

Old rails removed        

Due to the decrease in traffic density during the epidemic process, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality accelerated the infrastructure renewal works it planned. In this context, the rails of the Kadıköy - Moda Tram line were also dismantled due to the construction of the 1500 meter long wastewater and rainwater line, which İSKİ has been conducting to solve the wastewater and rainwater problem experienced for years on Rıhtım Avenue. When the works were completed, new rails were installed to replace the old rails.

Savings over 100 thousand pounds

Metro Istanbul, which has rolled up its sleeves to renew the trains as well as the rails, has saved over 100 thousand liras by carrying out works with its own resources by its own masters.

Trains were last renewed in 2013

Trains that were damaged due to accidents and friction because they were working in an area with heavy road traffic such as Kadıköy Meydan, Altıyol, Bahariye Caddesi and where there was too much incorrect parking, the trains were lastly revised by a private company between November 2012 and April 2013. Last zamImmediately, recoating became unavailable due to reasons such as the loss of quality of the foils applied on top of each other due to the weather conditions, and the damage to the vehicle bodywork due to water ingress from damaged areas.

“Istanbul is yours”

Within the scope of the renovation work; After the old foils and paints on the surface of the vehicles were completely cleaned, the bodyworks were overhauled and the damaged areas were corrected, and a smooth and clean surface was created and the trains were recoated. Trains from the name of these transactions were covered with folios with the slogan “Istanbul is yours” and became ready to serve Istanbul residents more safely and safely.

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