New Clio OGD Car of the Year Award at Oyak Renault Factories

new clio ogd car of the year at oyak renault factories
new clio ogd car of the year at oyak renault factories

Oyak Renault and produced by the Association of Automotive Journalists' Car of the Year in Turkey "is selected Merits Order of New Clio, it took the place of honor at the corner of Oyak Renault factories.

Renault the Car of the Year awards in Turkey Mais General Manager Berk field of contemporary Oyak Renault General Manager Antoine Aoun, "produced in Bursa with the signature of Turkish engineers and workers, we are proud of the New Clio's success," he said.

To be among the best selling models in the first half of the year, who managed the New Clio in Turkey, Oyak Renault Bursa plant in 2019, derived from the tape were exported to about 30 countries.

Turkey's largest carmaker Oyak produced by Renault New Clio, Automobile Journalists are obtained from the Automobile Competition of the Year in Turkey had the first prize organized by the Association of Renault Mais General Manager of Oyak Renault General Manager at Oyak Renault factories by Berk Contemporary Surrendered to Antoine Aoun.

Berk Çağdaş: “The new Clio is the product of the labor, dedication and knowledge of Turkish engineers and workers”

to share the success of the New Clio Automobile of the Year is selected in Turkey and in visits to the Oyak Renault factories in order to present the grand prize of Renault Mais General Manager in his speech at the Berk Contemporary, "more of a valuable prize will retain the honor Corner Oyak Renault Automobile Factory We are proud to share with. Automotive Journalists Car of the Year in Turkey votes with 74 valuable member of the New Clio selected from each Association, revealed that Turkish engineers and workers of labor, dedication and knowledge of the product. After Megane Sedan, I am delighted to share this pride, once again, with the New Clio, which has set off with millions of Euro investments. Car of the Year by the OGD in Turkey 5nd time in 2 years that regulates the organization is very valuable for us to achieve this prestigious award. New Clio's successful sales figures as soon as the catch, "Turkey's Car" title is the most concrete indication of how much deserve. "

Antoine Aoun: “It is proud to be chosen as the car of the year for the second time”

Oyak Renault General Manager Antoine Aoun thanked everyone who contributed by stating that they were proud of this award they received for the second time in the fifth competition this year. In his speech, Aoun made "Groupe Renault's new star, the pride of our plant, our employees' hard work produced by New Clio in Turkey Car of the Year by the Automotive Journalists Association members are selected. On this occasion, I sincerely congratulate the valuable Oyak Renault family, which has the largest share in the success story of the New Clio. I would like to thank all our stakeholders, including our suppliers, for their support and contribution. This success in the difficult period due to the epidemic further increases our desire to work. We started production again at the beginning of May and we continue to send New Clios from Bursa to the world. ” said.

Design, handling, ergonomics, fuel consumption, emissions, safety, equipment levels, the price-value ratio considering features such as Turkey's Car of the Year selection was made 306 million euros have been invested in order to produce the new Renault Clio Bursa. 2019 thousand new Clio models produced at Oyak Renault Factories in 122 were exported to 30 countries abroad.

New Clio car in Turkey selected the year 2017 with the same title and get that award Mégane sedan in the first half of 2020, with most sold in Turkey is among the top three models *.

* According to ODD data

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