ŞİMŞEK Target Aircraft System Integration from TUSAŞ to ANKA

According to the information provided by Azeridefence, Turkish Aerospace Industry (TAI) continues to introduce the ŞİMŞEK target aircraft system in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. In this context, ŞİMŞEK High Speed ​​Target Aircraft System was tested in Azerbaijan.

TUSAŞ stated that the Şimşek target aircraft were selected to be used in the fire tests conducted by the Azerbaijan Air Force to test the effectiveness of the air defense systems. The ŞİMŞEK High Speed ​​Target Aircraft System, which was brought to Azerbaijan in late 2019 after the negotiations between TAI and the Azerbaijan Air Force, carried out six flights in 3 days, 3 of which were in the test area near Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.

ANKA Integrated into Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Continuing to develop new concepts on the ŞİMŞEK High Speed ​​Target Aircraft System, TAI zamŞİMŞEK integrated the target aircraft system into ANKA unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). The ŞİMŞEK target aircraft, which is integrated into the Anka UAV and can be integrated into each wing, can be launched from the air to the air.

According to information provided by Azeridefen by having more than 50.000 hours flight time, and Turkey's domestic and foreign operations in proven Anka UAVs to TAI with the integration of a target aircraft, he was able to make another breakthrough in unmanned aerial vehicle industry.

Not only from land platforms, but also from zamThe “ŞİMŞEK” target aircraft system, which can also be launched from surface platforms at the same time, can land using a parachute after completing its mission.

The ŞİMŞEK target aircraft system, which was reported to have achieved a very successful performance in the exercises carried out by the Turkish Navy, served as a target aircraft within the scope of the exercises carried out by the Naval Forces Command in the Aegean between 12-17 January 2020. Within the scope of the drills, it was announced that the “ŞİMŞEK Target Aircraft” system performed a total of 13 flights on 2020 January 3, 16 in the North Aegean and 2020 on 3 January 6 in the South Aegean.


ŞİMŞEK High Speed ​​Target Aircraft System is the original TAI design that was launched in 2009 as an R&D in order to meet the training needs of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) air defense units.

ŞİMŞEK High Speed ​​Target Aircraft System, which is designed in an open architectural structure that can be shaped according to customer needs; It will meet the requirements of High Speed ​​Target Aircraft, which will be used in air-to-air, surface-air, anti-aircraft and missile systems and shooting and radar tracking trainings, with features close to the flight characteristics of combat aircraft and missiles.

General Features of ŞİMŞEK System

  • 45 minutes airtime
  • Duty capability between 1000ft (350m) and 15000ft (4500m) (ASL) altitudes
  • Range 50 km

Source: defanceturk

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