Turkey's First National Armed Drone System Songara's domestic production was registered

SONGAR, the first national armed drone system of ASİSGUARD, which develops systems, subsystems, hardware and software for the defense industry, received a “Domestic Goods Certificate” with a domestic contribution rate of 83.42 percent at high technology level.

ASİSGUARD General Manager Ayhan Sunar said that they are proud to contribute to the goals set by our country to strengthen the defense industry ecosystem by meeting the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces and security forces with national technology and domestic opportunities with high technology products SONGAR. Military land vehicles electronics, autonomous micro, mini and mid-range UAVs, electro-optics, border security, artificial intelligence and big data fields in the system, subsystem, hardware and asisguard ambitious player software developed defense industry, Turkey's first armed SONG developed as a national drone systems, high-tech received the “Domestic Goods Certificate” with a domestic contribution rate of 83.42 percent.

After the automatic machine gun, SONGAR, which is integrated into the grenade launcher, has developed capabilities such as distance and ballistic measurement, sight, and announcement system, and is finally used in the operations of our Turkish Armed Forces and Security Forces.

“We contribute to the target of domestic and national with SONGAR”

ASİSGUARD General Manager Ayhan Sunar, developing talent and bringing new hardware Songara of Turkey's defense industry nativism and said they were very happy to offer a significant contribution to a national player targets. Sunar continued as follows: “We are proud to contribute to the goals that our country has set to strengthen the defense industry ecosystem in order to meet the needs of our Turkish Armed Forces and security forces with national technologies and domestic opportunities and to increase defense exports, with our high-tech product SONGAR. As ASİSGUARD, our technology and R&D investments continue within the scope of the national technology move. We aim to increase the localization rate in our existing systems and to develop innovative products with our high engineering capacity. ”

“SONGAR is one of the important national abilities of the asymmetric war”

SONGAR Armed Drone System, which takes its place as one of the important national capabilities of asymmetric warfare with its shooting precision; detection of the target area, neutralization of the threat, post-operative damage detection and real zamIt can perform many critical tasks such as instant image transfer. Match with single or multiple drone system zamSONGAR, which can perform instant tasks and is integrated with an automatic machine gun and grenade launcher, continues to be developed with the “Electronic Sight and Ballistic Calculation Module” originally designed by ASISGUARD. It is also aimed to add an announcement system to warn of possible threats. Announced as the "world's first operational armed drone system" by many foreign publications from countries such as the USA, Israel, China and England, SONGAR finds itself among the important national warfare systems that have been included in our domestic defense industry in recent years.

Source: defanceturk

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