Turkey's F-35 contract to be transferred to the US Army


US contract the statement made by the Defense Ministry of Turkey in the Lot-14 scope of the order (14 Low Density Production Package) F-35 warplanes US to be the use of Air Force order received location information of signing contracts for the implementation of various modifications.

Contract description was given the following statement: "These changes, Republic of Turkey's F-Following the removal of the 35 program again easily positioned by 8 Lot 14, F-35 Lightning II aircraft and 6 for the Air Force Lot 14, F-35 specifies options for the guarantee of the aircraft."

A total of 850 Lot 14 F-14 fighter jets are expected to be modified and traded by 35 under the contract of approximately $ 2026 million.

Turkey's purchase of S-400 due to take place between the US and Turkey crisis was deepened further by the final step in the US. Yet signed the contract with the aircraft to be delivered to Turkey but Turkey within the scope of the order will be transferred to the US Army provided.

Delivered to Turkey that ownership is given to the fate of the other six F-6's undelivered orders Turkey is not yet clear.

Source: defanceturk

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