Turkish Armored Combat Vehicle HIZIRs on the Way to Africa

The first export of Katmerciler, the dynamic and innovative power of the Turkish defense industry in the armored combat segment, is on the way to Africa. The first part of HIZIRs, which was launched by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in 2016 and which started mass production with an order from an African country last year, was loaded with trucks.

The first export agreement of HIZIR, which was developed by Katmerciler and is the strongest armored combat vehicle in our segment, was signed in July last year. Under the agreement, deliveries will be completed by the end of this year.

HIZIR, which also entered the Turkish Armed Forces inventory with its special version designed for border security, actually made its first export shortly after it started its active duty in protecting our borders and became a defender of a friendly country.

New Additions to African Market

Katmerciler expects a high level of export income in 20.7 with this export with a size of 2020 million dollars. The company anticipates approximately $ 45 million in export revenue by the end of the year.

Making a statement after the first party of HIZIRs were loaded onto vehicles, Katmerciler Deputy Chief Executive Furkan Katmerci said, “HIZIR was our first armored combat vehicle export. We want to repeat the export success we have achieved by civilian equipment for many years in the field of defense. We opened another door with HIZIR. We will continue this success with our HIZIR and other qualified tools that we have developed for different needs. We want to grow Katmerciler by increasing our exports in the defense industry as well as in civilian equipment, increase our brand awareness and profitability on an international scale, and increase our contribution to the country's economy. ”

Katmerci: We Successfully Get Out of the Pandemic Process, Our Expectation in Exports Is High

Katmerci pointed out that the economy of the country, which was affected by the pandemic process, started to recover rapidly and that the latest industry data indicated this, he continued as follows:

“As Katmerciler, we have successfully implemented the measures we have taken to keep the negative effects of the pandemic process to a minimum. We continued our activities without interruption. Thanks to our precautions, we did not have any employment losses and we did not have to benefit from state supports such as short-term work allowance or minimum wage support. We continue our way with the same staff and increased performance. Our defense industry plays a major role in helping the country's economy overcome the pandemic troubles. Turkey's largest companies involved in the ISO 500 data also revealed it. We will be one of the companies that contribute to the normalization process with our production and high exports. Turkey will successfully overcome this difficult period. There are already concrete signs of this. All these years have endured great challenges and emerged stronger each time in Turkey, the state is a large country and the nation will be strengthened from the pandemic period. "

Every Katmerciler zamEmphasizing that he attaches special importance to export at the moment and has determined to obtain more than half of its revenues from exports as a strategic target, Katmerci said, “The year 2020 will be one of the years in which we make the highest export with the level of 40-45 million dollars. With the support we receive from our defense tools, we aim to increase and sustain this export performance and increase its share in total revenues ”.


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