TÜRASAŞ Will Destroy Eskişehir's 126-Year-Old Brand TÜLOMSAŞ


Eskişehir's leading industrial enterprises of Turkey Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc. (TÜLOMSAŞ) was established in Ankara with President decrees Turkey Rail Corporation (TÜRASAŞ) in binding of the concerns posed in Eskisehir moved to Turkey Grand National Assembly

CHP Eskişehir deputy Çakıröz is Utku, including TÜLOMSAŞ sharing the concerns of the Parliament's rostrum for the assembly of industry associations 3 where, "This merge operations with 126 a year from Eskişehir, Turkey is not the brand. There is a great blow to the domestic production of high speed trains. We are worried that TÜLOMSAŞ in Eskişehir, Adapazarı and Sivas will be marketed abroad and will be pulled out in the same place as the privatization of our domestic and national facilities in the same tank pallet factory. The aim of the merger is b, this will be betrayed to Eskişehir and Turkey. Give up this step when the road is near. ”

Çakırözer asked for the establishment of a Research Commission in the Parliament and called for “Together, TÜLOMSAŞ and our institutions that produce and have the same technological knowledge and competitive power”.


The CHP Eskişehir Deputy Utku Çakırözer brought the merger of TÜVASAŞ in Adapazarı and TÜDEMSAŞ in Sivas to a parliamentary agenda in Ankara, together with TÜLOMSAŞ in Eskişehir and TÜVASAŞ in Sivas. Speaking at the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, Çakırözer drew attention to the uncertainties regarding the company established in Ankara and said, “It has been five months since the new company was established. There is only the name in the middle. No building, no address, no job description, no goals. It is not clear what and how. Only the appointed managers are certain. Honey seats were prepared in Ankara for bureaucrats who had to leave Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Good, but is it worth shedding 126 years of experience to create a seat for someone? ” said.


Stating that TÜLOMSAŞ is in competition with the world as a joint stock company, Çakırözer said, “This huge facility is now reduced to a plain factory directorate. About to lose its competitive power, production and technology capacity. The national locomotive was producing hybrid locomotive, designing high speed train. Now, the factory is waiting in passive state. It is not clear what will be the projects, what will be the goals. Workers, managers are all waiting without morale with anxiety about the future. ”

In his speech at the Assembly, Çakırözer explained the contributions of TÜLOMSAŞ to the Turkish industry since the day it was founded: TÜLOMSAŞ, which has been producing for our railways for 126 years, is behind this railway culture. TÜLOMSAŞ is the place where we write our first steam locomotive Karakurt, which writes the epic story of the Revolution car. With its century-old accumulation, it has achieved firsts in recent years, has managed to produce diesel and electric locomotives, its own design platforms have been co-produced with world giants, it has established the first R&D center of the public. It is the place that exports and cooperates with states, private companies, from Africa to Asia, Europe. And finally, the place that takes on the design and production task of the National High Speed ​​Project. capable of producing our own high-speed railway, the world was waiting at the door to a brand partnership with Turkey giants. TÜLOMSAŞ was the place where hundreds of railway workers worked with the excitement of competing with the world. But there is no longer TÜLOMSAŞ. You are destroying a 126-year-old brand produced by Eskişehir. ”


Çakırözer stated that the management of three facilities with production capacity in the field of rail systems from the center to be established in Ankara will make things even more difficult. zamwill cause loss of moment and efficiency. Marketing and order decision-making will take longer. Due to central procurement methods, material procurement will be delayed and product deliveries will not be made. The gains to date, the investment made will be lost. It will be difficult to retain qualified personnel in factories. “There is great concern in Eskişehir because of all these negative consequences”.


Reminding the past decisions and explanations about the design and production of High Speed ​​Train by TÜLOMSAŞ, Çakırözer said, “It is said that the intention of the company established in Ankara is not to produce. Turkey's needs for high-speed train sets, rather than domestic production facilities TÜLOMSAŞ in cooperation with rail systems in other cities spoken out this new company will be given to foreigners. The German, Spanish and Chinese are waiting at the door of the new company by rubbing their hands. It is certain that this company has been hit hard by the merger operation on the domestic production of high-speed trains. ”


Stating that one of the concerns expressed in the railway community is the claim that 'TÜLOMSAŞ and other domestic production facilities will be privatized by this company', Çakırözer continued as follows: As in the palette, there is concern that it will be marketed abroad and will be withdrawn. If this is truly what is the purpose of this merger, only to Eskişehir, Sivas, Sakarya will not be a betrayal to Turkey. Give up this step when the road is near. Come together, let's establish a research commission in the Parliament, let's own our TÜLOMSAŞ, let's own all our institutions that produce, technological knowledge and competitive power together. ”


Eskişehir TEI Aircraft Engine Factory, TÜLOMSAŞ, Air Supply and Maintenance Center and many more high-tech facilities producing with Turkey's aviation and rail systems are Çakıröz saying that a city that deserved to be the center, "but the capacity of this city, unfortunately, the ability of our countrymen and diligence "The gentlemen in Ankara do not know."

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