New System from Toyota to Prevent Uncontrolled Acceleration Accidents

The new system to get uncontrolled acceleration from Toyota
The new system to get uncontrolled acceleration from Toyota

Toyota announced that it will gradually add the “Plus Support” system to new vehicles to prevent accidents by pressing the accelerator pedal involuntarily.

The new system detects that the driver is pressing the accelerator pedal involuntarily and gives audible and visual warning, while the same zamIt prevents the vehicle from accelerating uncontrollably. Toyota is also preparing to offer more safety to existing vehicles by adapting the "Accidental Actuation Control System II" technology.

Explaining that it has developed the "Controlled Acceleration Function" system, Toyota aims to prevent accidents by accidentally pressing the accelerator pedal or to reduce the severity of the damage. As of July 1, the brand plans to offer this system with the name "Plus Support" for new vehicles, while for existing vehicles it will adapt it with the "Accelerator Depression Control System II".

Toyota first introduced the Smart Distance Sonar (ICS) in 2012 in order to prevent accident-related accidents in the acceleration unit and to minimize damage. Since 2018, it has started to use the “Accelerator Depress Control System”. In the current system, the sensors prevent the accidents to occur by detecting obstacles such as walls or glass and pressing the uncontrolled gas pedal. According to data obtained by Toyota, ICS can prevent all potential accidents that may occur with uncontrolled use of the accelerator pedal by 70 percent.

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