The Partner That Made Tesla Success In China

partner who succeeded in the teslayi
partner who succeeded in the teslayi

Tesla wants to succeed in the Chinese market, especially in order to dominate the post-epidemic electric car world. The news, published on the Bloomberg news site on July 13, 2020, draws attention to the critical steps taken by the company in the Chinese market and to the Chinese partner he chose in the process of localizing production.

To accomplish this, Elon Musk zammoments Apple is reportedly turning to a battery engineer who helps extend the life of MacBook laptops.

This engineer is 52-year-old Zeng Yuqun

Zeng has transformed Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL) into China's battery champion in less than a decade. Zeng same zamCurrently a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference.

CATL products are included in the cars of almost every major global car brand, and will power electric cars manufactured at Tesla's new factory in Shanghai from this month. It is stated that CATL made batteries will bring great advantages to Palo Alto based Tesla in the Chinese market.

More importantly, according to BloombergNEF, Zeng is expected to supply Tesla with lithium-iron phosphate (LFP) batteries that use cheaper raw material mix and cost about 20 percent lower than other common pack types.

This collaboration is very important for CATL zamcoming at the moment. Battery sales fell by almost a third in the first five months of 2020, as car purchases fell in China due to the epidemic and some other factors, according to SNE Research. China Automobile Manufacturers Association announced on July 10 that electric car sales decreased by about 38 percent compared to the previous year.

Milestone in electric car

CATL has previously announced that it can produce a battery that can supply 16 million kilometers (2 million miles) of power to an automobile over its 1,24-year lifetime. Battery replacement is seen as an important problem that prevents consumers from buying electric vehicles.

In May, CATL and Tesla were reportedly working on a low-cost, million-mile battery that is expected to be used this year or earlier next year in Model 3 sedans manufactured at the Shanghai plant.

Tesla localizes the supply chain

In February, CATL signed a two-year battery supply agreement with Tesla. Tesla localizes the supply chain as part of efforts to make their cars more affordable in the highly competitive Chinese market. According to Reuters, approximately 2019% of Tesla's Shanghai electric vehicles were imported by the end of 70. Within the scope of the localization effort, the news that the annual production capacity of the locally produced cooling pipes will be increased from 150 thousand to 260 thousand sets were also reflected in the media.

In January 2020, Tesla began delivering the Model 500 sedans installed at the Shanghai plant, which it aims to transform into a 3-year-old production facility.

China's new energy cars are expected to reach 2019 percent to 80 percent of 90 this year's sales volume. According to the latest report from Ries Strategy Positioning Consulting, the new coronavirus outbreak and the resulting downward pressures have greatly affected the industry.

Electric vehicle sales volume fell 56 percent in the first quarter compared to the same period of last year, while recovery in economic activity and localization of Tesla's Model 3 production in China are expected to help prevent negative effects and stimulate sales for the rest of the year.

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