The invitation of TEKNOFEST to the Young Inventor, who made a model airplane from inert material


Making a model of F-35 fighter plane with styrofoam and inert materials in Hakkari, Savaş Tatlı was invited to TEKNOFEST to be held at Gaziantep Airport on September 22-27.

Industry and Technology Provincial Director Murat Koca and KOSGEB Provincial Director Cihat Gür visited Tatlı, who lives in Dağgöl Neighborhood.

Koca, in a statement to journalists, said that Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank instructed to provide the necessary support to join TEKNOFEST, which makes the model of the fighter plane using inert material and styrofoam.

Congratulating the student for his work, Koca said, “Our Minister has informed us that they will offer all the support on this issue and invited him to TEKNOFEST. We brought the greetings of our Governor. He said they would support. In her work, we will provide hardware and training support. Hopefully we will be participating in TEKNOFEST with the model plane we made. ”

Expressing that she was excited to attend TEKNOFEST, Tatlı said, “I hope I will be the first one there. It is hard to make a plane with styrofoam. We will try to develop and fly this further. Thank you very much, our Minister and Governor. ” said.

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