Delivery Date of TCG Ufuk Intelligence Ship Postponed

The delivery date of the Turkish Navy's first domestic and national intelligence ship A591 TCG UFUK has been postponed.

The Sea Acceptance Tests (SAT) of the Test and Training Ship TCG Ufuk, whose equipment activities for Signal Intelligence (SIGINT & ELINT) capabilities are continuing, continue. It was previously stated that the A591 TCG UFUK intelligence ship will be delivered to the Turkish Navy on 31 July 2020. Finally, in the statement made by the President, emphasizing the sea acceptance test was interpreted as the delivery date of TCG UFUK to the Turkish Naval Forces.

According to the information obtained by Defense Turk, the delivery date of TCG UFUK, which was planned to be delivered to the Turkish Naval Forces on July 19, 31 under normal conditions, has been postponed due to the COVID-2020 outbreak. There is no clear statement regarding the new delivery date. The postponement in question is not a long process and TCG UFUK is the closest zamIt was also stated that the works for the delivery of the product to the Turkish Navy are continuing.

“We increased the technological capacity of MIT”

President Erdoğan, in his speech at the opening of the New Service Building of the National Intelligence Agency Istanbul Regional Directorate; Stating that they have increased the technological capacity of MIT, improved their physical conditions and strengthened the legal legislation of the organization, President Erdoğan said, “Thanks to our investments in this framework, many new organizations such as UAV, SİHA, intelligence ship, intelligence aircraft, satellite It gained technical capability and covered a distance in making the invisible visible. We have become a country in which many states request support by turning technical intelligence into a main area, especially as a side factor. ”

Turkish Intelligence Ship TCG UFUK

The Test and Training Ship “TCG Ufuk A-591”, which was designed through the MİLGEM Project Island Class Corvet platform to meet the needs of the Turkish Navy for the SIGINT platform, was launched on February 9, 2019.

A contract was signed with Istanbul Shipyard (Istanbul Shipyard) in 2017 for the production of the ship designed by STM. On May 15, 2017, the contract for 4 × 750 kVA power generators, which will be used in Test and Training Ship (TVEG), was signed between STM and İŞBİR. The ship's mission systems are supplied by Aselsan.

The assembly of the ship, which was manufactured in 30 blocks by the Istanbul Maritime Shipyard, on the sled including the upper building and poles was completed on 24 July 2018. Approximately 920 tons of sheet metal, 12,5 tons of aluminum, 6 thousand 340 meters of pipes were processed and brought together for the ship. The test ship, the first source of which was made on May 2, 2017, officially named A-591 board number and Ufuk, is planned to be delivered on July 31, 2020. A-591 Horizon Corps will be an important factor in increasing the capacity of the national intelligence system.

Test and Training Ship A-591 will be used as Horizon Intelligence Ship (SIGINT&ELINT). TCG Ufuk has a length of 99,5 meters and a length of 14,4 meters.zamIt has a width of i, a draft of 3,6 meters and a displacement of 2400 tons. 8600+ knots with a total power of approximately 18 kWhzamI can reach speed. Having a 10-ton helipad, A-591 Ufuk has the capacity to cruise uninterruptedly for 45 days, including international waters, under severe climatic and sea conditions.

Many questions are asked about why the ship does not have conventional weapons systems on social media. Since TCG Ufuk is for intelligence purposes, it also does not have weapon systems in order not to be perceived as a threat. There are no conventional weapon systems in their counterparts in modern navies. The main weapon systems of intelligence ships are the equipment they have.

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